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Photo credit:  Gavin Rayna Russom

Photo credit: Gavin Rayna Russom

Gavin rayna russom

Gavin Rayna Russom is a New York based multimedia artist, DJ and composer of electronic music. Using the analog and digital synthesizer she has produced a body of extremely influential art and music over the last 15 years. She has created work as a solo artist and in collaboration, most notably as a member of LCD Soundsystem. In addition to recording and performing music, she also creates the visual elements for her work. Part of Gavin Rayna’s vision is to combine academia, music and art, to transform culture through spiritual ideas, using nightlife as a medium to connect with people’s daily lives.


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KIm ann foxman

Kim Ann Foxman, 2016 “Play and make music that makes you happy, and people will naturally feel that honesty”.“Kim Ann Foxman has had quite the career,” were FACT magazine’s words when she was inducted into their critically acclaimed podcast series in 2016. Hawaii born artist and DJ, she shot to fame as a vocalist and has since continued her rise to become one of New York’s finest DJs and a prolific producer in her own right.Unfazed by trends and deeply rooted in the music, Foxman builds on the nostalgic records of her youth to create her own dynamic sound. A rare specimen who is equally likely to be found playing to intimate audiences as to huge festival crowds, her record selection is distinctive from that of her peers. She holds a highly regarded residency at Good Room in her home of Brooklyn, New York and is a regular at Panorama Bar in Berlin, places where she is able to explore different sounds whilst still captivating the dancefloor.As a producer, Kim Ann Foxman delivers catchy hooks and haunting melodies, and is also celebrated for beguiling and original vocals. Her Firehouse Recordings imprint (inspired by the old firehouse in Brooklyn that is her studio and a creative hub for the like-minded) is responsible for a steady stream of mind-bending releases.An effortless trendsetter, Foxman is well-known for her inimitable style and ability to move seamlessly between the music and fashion worlds. She has built solid relationships with brands like Gucci, Dior Homme, Prada, and Adidas. Through a deep dedication to music and an infectious positive outlook, Kim Ann Foxman output is a reflection of her genuine approach, which is felt by all wherever she plays.


Jasmine Infiniti Queen of Hell

The Queen of Hell, Jasmine Infiniti is a New York Native whose DJ roots started in Oakland, CA. A long time member of the House of Infiniti, Jasmine became the mother of the Bay Area Chapter, though she now resides in Brooklyn, New York. She blends dark and sometimes ambient techno and industrial sounds with break beats and cunty tracks creating a unique soundscape glimpsing into the future.


horse meat disco

Horse Meat Disco began in a basement in London’s Chinatown where co-founders James Hillard and Jim Stanton created a safe queer space for the disenfranchised disco citizens of London. Now at the end of 2016 and running in its fourteenth yearHorse Meat Disco is dedicated to the industry of human happiness and it pumps it out every Sunday at their home EAGLE LONDON.

Inspired by the halcyon days of New York nightlife including Mancuso’s Loft, The Paradise Garage, Nicky Siano’s Gallery and late lamented DJ Adam Goldstone. All four resident DJs Luke Howard, Severino, Jim Stanton and James Hillard have built a reputation for their fantastic parties and high quality disco sets. It’s the queer party for everyone; homos and heteros, club kids, bears, fashionistas, naturists, guerilla drag queens and ladies who munch. Musically it’s a glittering disco behemoth of classics, italo disco, house, oddities, Afro, punk funk in the friendliest venue south of the river.

Horse Meat Disco currently dj and run regular parties across the UK, Europe and the world over including a HMD Residency at Output in New York. Horse Meat Disco has a weekly radio show with Luke and James at the helm on Rinse FM.

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Carrie grew up in the UK and discovered her love of house at the tender age of 14 when she started attending acid house parties, her tastes involved to enjoy house, garage house and disco. After moving to London at the age of 20 she started her first Dj residency in a bar called the friendly society in soho where she held a residency for 5 years warming up the London crowds before they went out clubbing, during this time she started also playing for clubs and bars in Brixton, playing soulful house and disco and continued to be fortunate enough to DJ with most of her DJ Idols and producers of the time before leaving the UK.
After moving to San Francisco in 2010 she has continued to play a combination of nu disco, classic disco and house at the Stud, Holy Cow, Lookout, Eagle, BeatBox, New Parrish and Oasis under the moniker CarrieOnDisco. Having DJ'd for various SF institutions such as Honey Soundsystem, Some Thing, Hard French, Polyglamourous, Go Bang etc and is one of the resident Pound Puppy DJ's. She continues to bring "JOY" to the dance floor.