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Don’t call it a throwback. We stay connected to the present by embracing the future, and looking to the past. Forty years after Bobby Viteritti spun his first record in San Francisco, the city still has that free, untethered energy, you just have to look a little harder. The theme for this years’ pride party celebrates the golden years of our community, and at the same time, projects our hopes for the future.

Photos courtesy of Bobby Viteritti

Photos courtesy of Bobby Viteritti


DJ Bobby Viteritti reigned at San Francisco’s legendary nightclub Trocadero Transfer from 1978 to 1981 when it was at its zenith. He was honored with Billboard Magazine’s #1 Disco DJ in 1979 and 1980. We are so proud to bring him back to the City to play this legendary party.

Bobby played long nights of sophisticated disco, R&B and sleaze music, in which songs were connected not by beats-per-minute or theme, but by their musical structure and by subtle instrumental sounds that were almost impossible to hear--unless you were under Bobby's spell.

Viteritti's style also defied disco gravity; he would throw a packed Trocadero into a frenzy by brilliantly mixing into a reggae record after a long space set, or make everyone feel like they were in a 40's musical with "I'm Not Jivin'--I'm Jam in'" by Leon Huff as a way to transition from one part of the night to the next. Or, by mixing into a 90 bpm reggae song from a 140 bpm Euro-disco record. These stunts took major talent and timing to pull off, and I never saw one backfire.


DiscoMusic - Bobby Viteritti

Nightclubbing - San Francisco’s Trocadero Transfer

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Steve fabus

Steve Fabus is one of the few club DJs whose career spans almost the entire history of the profession and art form. His career has also spanned my entire queer life in San Francisco from  Sunday Tea Dance at the I Beam to the legendary EndUp (where my friends and I would hop over a 3’ fence in the back when security wasn’t looking). Then at Trocadero Transfer in the early 80’s straight through Booty Call Wednesdays and my annual Pride Event. Steve has helped shape the soundtrack to my life as queer in San Francisco and I am very thankful.


Steve Fabus, Disc Jockey

Rewind: San Francisco’s Hedonistic Disco Heyday Remembered

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Kim anh

Kim Anh launched her first party in 2008, creating a space east of Hollywood where she could push the boundaries of mainstream nightlife and express creative diversity in her dj sets. It would be called Booby Trap!. From there Booby Trap! grew to reach NYC where it was supported and endorsed by culture creators from DFA Records, Opening Ceremony and Guest of a Guest who described Booby Trap! as “one of the best party vibes ever witnessed”. What started as a response to mainstream nightlife, quickly ignited a new era of queer nightlife for women where the undiscovered was most celebrated. Flaunt Magazine attributed the nightclub’s success to its “churning dance floor.”

Since then Kim Anh has been at the helm of many creative brands in nightlife that span from Los Angeles, New York City to London. Yowsah, hosted at Ace Hotel downtown Los Angeles every 1st and 3rd Saturday, has become what LA Weekly describes as “a 3-year-old rager”. Tendencies, her latest addition to late-late night has hosted some of the world’s top djs and producers, including Todd Edwards, Maya Jane Coles and Derrick Carter. Described as “a safe space,” Tendencies serves to create diversity in LA’s underground nightlife by supporting underrepresented communities in music.


Kim Anh Looks Beyond the "Bro-ification" of

Electronic Music and Nightlife

LA Club Queen Kim Anh Links With Sam Sparro on Debut Single "Shadows"

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Nonsuit (Steven Feiler) is an Oakland based DJ and event producer for staple house and techno club, The Public Works SF. As a somewhat recent transplant from Los Angeles, he's quickly made a name for himself in his new home both behind the scenes and center stage supporting artists like Todd Terry, Paul Woolford, Derrick Carter, Lena Willikens, Mike Servito, and more. With a keen ear for what’s coming next, incorporating contemporary club-oriented tracks with canonized uptempo house grooves is something this dedicated DJ finds crucial to the progression of taste in the Bay Area. 


Nonsuit live at the Stud for kosmetik

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