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I have created a voting guide with the help of friends and community members whose opinions I trust.

Loads of Love, Juanita

Artwork by Serge Gay Jr.

Local Races:

District 4 Supervisor: Gordon Mar

Not to sound shady, but I haven’t made it all the way out to the Sunset in a long time… But I care about this race because, for the first time in a long time, we have an opportunity for progressive representation on the westside. Gordon is a sweetheart, a Labor titan, and a longtime resident of the District, running against a well-funded opponent who just moved to the City from LA a few months ago. Vote for Gordon.

District 6 Supervisor: Matt Haney

District 6 includes the Tenderloin, Civic Center, Folsom and Downtown SOMA neighborhoods, which means it’s one of the most important parts of the City when it comes to new development and grappling with the City’s homelessness crisis, opioid crisis and mental health crisis. I trust former School Board President Matt Haney to be the smart, rational mind in the room, capable of building consensus around smart, progressive solutions to our biggest issues. He’s a longtime Tenderloin resident endorsed by everyone from former President Obama to your local community organization and an all-around good guy. Do the right thing and Vote for Matt.

District 8 Supervisor: Rafael Mandelman

Following a contentious June 2018 special election to represent the Castro, Noe Valley and Duboce Triangle, Rafael is now running unopposed to remain in that seat for a full 4-year term. We’re so fortunate to have him in that seat. If you live in District 8, vote for my dear friend, Rafael.

Board of Education: There are 19 candidates running for just 3 seats on the School Board, which governs our City’s public school system. A lot of them are good, and some of them are bad, so play close attention because this down-ballot election matters even if you don’t have kids, and it’s important to get this right.

Board of education: Gabriela Lopez

A current 4th Grade teacher - one of the only, if not the only current teachers running for this seat - and teaches a bi-lingual class in the Mission District. A theme in this race is that representation matters, and it’s important that in a school district that is almost one-third Latin@ that we have qualified Latin@ representation on our School Board. And we actually haven’t had that representation in a long time.

Li Miao Lovett is an academic counselor at City College who has worked in public education for over 20 years. On top of her clear qualifications, Li has been doing the work within the Chinese community to combat some of the harmful transphobic rhetoric that is popping up because of another Chinese candidate in this race, whose name shall not be spoken here. Vote for Li to ensure progressive Chinese representation, at a moment when the community needs it most.

If Mia Satya wins election to the School Board this November, she will become San Francisco’s first ever trans elected official. I kind of can’t believe those words are real. Nowhere is trans representation more important than in our public school system, where children and young adults are navigating the complexities of their budding identities and need a nurturing and safe environment in which to thrive. Mia is a friend, a local LGBTQ community leader who currently runs a Trans Employment Program at the LGBT Center, and would be great on the School Board.

Community College Board: Brigitte Davila

John Rizzo, Thea Selby

Let’s keep this one simple - vote for the three incumbents who helped save our City College from an accreditation crisis and have since championed Free City College.

Public Defender: Jeff Adachi

Jeff has been a wonderful Public Defender who recently helped champion June’s Prop F, which will ensure universal legal representation for every tenant facing eviction. I don’t know of any credible opposition. Vote for Jeff.

Assessor-Recorder: Carmen Chu

I’ll be honest, I don’t pay too much attention to this office, but friends tell me it’s a nuts and bolts gig and Carmen is doing just fine.

BART Board, District 8: Janice Li

An important down-ballot race, the BART Board governs the entire region’s BART system. Janice is a queer woman of color and a seasoned transportation policy wonk with the Bicycle Coalition. She is prioritizing safety and fiscal responsibility, has the endorsements of a broad spectrum of elected officials and community groups, and she deserves your vote.


Prop A: Rebuild the Seawall: YES

Natural disasters are common occurrences these days - let’s strengthen our 100 year old seawall. This has the unanimous support of basically everyone who knows how badly it’s needed, which is just about everyone who believes that climate change is real.

Prop B: Protect Your Privacy: YES

Your identity is the most important thing about you, and it shouldn’t be for sale unless you’re getting the biggest cut. Our city needs guidelines set in place to allow people the opportunity to deny consent to the collection and use of anyone's personal information. I want to be able to walk my dog Jackson around the city without wondering if I am being tracked in real time.

Prop C: Tax Large Business to Fund Homeless Services: OMFG YES

This would be funded by the city’s largest corporations - many of whom just received a huge tax break from Donald Trump. It follows that the only opposition to this comes from some of the city’s largest corporations (... and the candidates whose campaigns they bankroll) The mental health and homelessness crisis is the most pressing issue facing our City, and in too many ways it reminds me of the most awful aspects of the AIDS epidemic that devastated our community. We need to create permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness, and we need to do it now.

Prop D: Cannabis and Internet Sales Tax: YES

Well, everything I touch is taxed. So why not cannabis? And if you’ve ever seen my CBD bath salts, you know I’m a proud cannabis user. Some people say that this will make cannabis unaffordable, particularly to those who need it most, but I’m persuaded that there are safeguards in place - including exemptions for medicinal pot, and the option for the City to reduce the tax to zero. This industry is making a fortune, and I’ve spoken to enough people in the biz that this won’t wreck them. (Also, call it a beneficial side effect, this would also tax the shit out of Amazon.)

Prop E: Arts and Culture Funding: YES - ARTS FOR EVERYONE!

Without raising taxes this prop will benefit the entire City and all who visit by increasing arts and culture opportunities for all. This is one of the cutest things on the ballot and will fund so many cute arts events. I love it, and so should you.


U.S. Senate: Kevin de León - I’m proud of the fact that there is a new generation of Latin@ leadership rising the ranks in our state, and State Senate President Kevin de León is a staunch progressive. I don’t have hate in my heart for Senator Feinstein, but it’s time for a change of guard. Also, people tell me that Senator Feinstein has moved left on important issues that matter to us - like cannabis legalization and immigration reform - because she’s being challenged. Not bad, Senator de León!

U.S. Congress, District 12: Nancy Pelosi

There’s no credible opposition to Congresswoman Pelosi, and even though we’ve had our disagreements, I can’t ignore that she just raised an impressive $34M for at-risk Democratic candidates for Congress, who are our best shot at impeaching our embarrassing ass President.

District 14: Jackie Speier

She’s doing a great job in Congress, and I strongly encourage you to vote for her.


Pardon me, I’m going to keep my explanations short here. All politics is local, and much of the below is just about voting for the Democrat instead of the Republican...

Governor: Gavin Newsom

So, the nicest thing I can say about former San Francisco Mayor Newsom is that I have a photo with him in which I look absolutely ravishing. But really, while he takes a lot of credit for his role in legalizing gay marriage, he also led some of the worst policies on homelessness (remember Care Not Cash?). Why is it that the most creepy men ascend the political ladder? BUT - and it’s a BIG BUTT - he’s running against Trump-endorsed Republican John Cox, and the last thing we need is to weaken our West Coast resistance. So with a big clothespin on my nose, I’m voting for Gavin. I’ll send him our photo for Christmas, if he wins.

Lieutenant Governor: Ed Hernandez

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla

Controller: Betty Yee

State Treasurer: Fiona Ma

Attorney General: Xavier Becerra

Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara

State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond - This one is important. Not just because Tony Thurmond is a Bay Area social worker, current California Assemblymember, and public school champion, but also because his opponent is a private Charter School champion in the vein of Betsy DeVos. Charter Schools are schools for some, not all. It’s an inequitable model with gross financial incentives, and it’s important that we have Tony in this seat fighting for equitable access to all of the state’s public schools.

Board of Equalization, District 2: Malia Cohen

State Assembly, Districts 17: David Chiu

State Assembly, Districts 19: Phil Ting

Congress, Districts 12: Nancy Pelosi.

Congress, Districts 14: Jackie Speier.


Prop 1: Veterans Housing Bond: YES - Helps veterans have stable, affordable homes. and provides supportive housing for struggling families and children, people experiencing homelessness and individuals with disabilities.

Prop 2: Allocate Bond Money to Homeless Housing: YES

Allows the state to use revenue from Prop 63 (a 1 percent tax on income above $1 million for mental health services) on $2 billion in revenue bonds for homelessness prevention housing for persons in need of mental health services.

Prop 3: Water Projects Bond: YES - This is a balanced water bond measure to improve water supplies for every part of the state.

Prop 4: Children’s Hospitals Bond: YES

California’s 13 regional children’s hospitals handle more than 2 million visits each year, regardless of a family’s income or ability to pay to support critical, life-saving care.

Prop 5: More Tax Breaks for Property Owners: NO

This won’t reduce the cost of living in California and would directly affect education in public schools.

Prop 6: Gas Tax Repeal: NO

Let’s not eliminate funding for our bridges road safety, transportation and public transit projects that are currently underway!

Prop 7: Bye, Daylight Saving Time: YES

This will not help lower your electric bill if that’s what you are worried about.

Prop 8: Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Charges: YES - Prioritize kidney patient care over corporate profits.

Prop 10: Expand Rent Control: YAAASSS - It wouldn’t be insane to say that this is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING on the ballot. Right up there with local Prop C. Prop 10 would simply allow cities to have the necessary conversation to expand rent control, but that’s HUGE. I benefit from rent control, as do so many of the hundreds of thousands of renters in this City, and why? Because rent control builds stronger communities. Don’t just believe me, check out studies from Berkeley, Stanford, and any number of experts who agree with me that this is the quickest way to plug the rampant displacement of our housing crisis. My Supervisor Aaron Peskin said, “If any city in the state should be supporting Prop 10, it should be San Francisco.” I agree. Vote YES YES YES on 10.

Prop 11: Require Ambulance Workers to Remain on Call During Breaks: NO - This is not a public safety issue. This is big money / corporations trying to get away without paying employees for breaks.

Prop 12: Better Quality of Life for Farm Animals: YES

Chickens need satin pillows to lay their eggs on!