• Powerhouse 1347 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States

It'll be the day before the new regime takes over, so let's start the year with...purging the year! Come build community and/or find someone to hate-fuck that night, so you can get those yucky feelings out of the way and prepare for the long fight ahead! No better way to do it than at a leather bar, surrounded by drags, daddies and dandies!

Juanita will tell you it's gon' be alright.
Stanley will soothe and woo you with his beats.
Walter will hold the bucket.

2016-priced drink specials by Absolut, Jameson, Jager and Budweiser!

Let Gooch take your first glamour shot of the year! 
Jonathan will be inc harge to titilate your senses with the BDSM demo!
Dulce & Joseph taker your coin!

$5 cover benefiting the Transgender Law Center!