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Mural Project

JM! Pride mural project


JM! Pride mural project sponsored by cliff's variety

Sponsored by Cliff’s Variety, the Juanita MORE! Pride Mural Project will feature artists J. Manuel Carmona, Serge Gay Jr. and Elliott C Nathan simultaneously painting three outdoor murals in San Francisco’s Castro, SOMA & Lower Polk Districts in conjunction with Miss MORE!’s annual Pride party and part of the beautification of the city walls of San Francisco.  
This year, for the first time Juanita has chosen two groundbreaking nonprofits as beneficiaries for her annual Pride Party, The Q Foundation (formerly AIDS Housing Alliance) and the LGBT Asylum Project.  It is in the spirit of San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city that the services of both the Q Foundation and the LGBT Asylum Project are inextricably woven like a safety net, whether in the form of asylum from persecution or housing assistance, for those most in need of calling our community home.