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john fucking cartwright

John Fucking Cartwright is a San Francisco based DJ whose interests span underground disco, funk, soul, boogie, nu-disco, and the house that emanates from all of these directions and beyond. John is a proud family member of the House Of More and his visual and performance art is intertwined with this drag performance community that surrounds and inspires him. His DJ family includes San Francisco's Bus Station John, Pittsburgh’s Edgar Um, and L.A. based Stanley Frank. He is also a worker/owner member of the legendary STUD bar cooperative, in addition to maintaining a career in contemporary art. When asked what type of music he plays his answer is more often than not, simply, "FUN!” John loves selectively crafting a set to the party vibe and audience at hand to get all the booties shaking on the dance floor.

John walker

John Walker's introduction to DJ'ing began with years of record collecting and a desire to expand his experience with that collection beyond passive listening. He immediately found that DJ'ing offered a tactile and creative method for interacting with the music. Originally from Louisville, KY, Walker has spent the last 15 years traveling and living all across the United States. Admittedly spending most of his time on his own, he has developed a unique style born wholly out of what he likes without outside pressures or influence. What I love so much about John is that he aims for inclusivity with his sets and attempts to challenge audiences with a diversity reflective of the wide scope of his experiences. "By allowing my sets the freedom to wander I'm always trying to bring people together through music. If I can make a reggae or jazz track work within a house set to a house audience I'm happy. That's what I'm there to do as far as I'm concerned."


Christy love

Christy Love has always had a love for music and has been immersed in the house music scene for more than two decades.  She is one of the most sought-after DJs in NYC, largely because she consistently destroys dancefloors all over the city (and beyond) with her distinct sets comprising of a clever mixture of classic and modern house bursting with driving beats and funky bass lines.  It comes as no surprise then that she plays such a pivotal role in defining the current underground sound of New York.  This DJ prowess, combined with her production work, both solo and as House of Stank with long-time collaborator, W. Jeremy, and the success of their label, Get Up Recordings, has transformed Christy into a house music triple threat.  Get ready to be served loads of Christy Love this Pride Sunday!

One half nelson

vandal of sound . artist of visuals . designer of cloth . performer of ideas . author of events . deity of decoration . destroyer of conventions . manipulator of culture . surveyor of style - milliner of mayhem - czar of eccentricity